Not just a resort, but…

Only a few minutes away from the Tallinn-Narva highway, the Tulivee resort welcomes you to experience picturesque sea views, award-winning architecture, and the captivating history of spirit bootlegging. Tulivee is more than just a resort, though: It’s an ideal "headquarters" for your vacation in the Ida-Virumaa, the county of contrasts.

Purtse Castle & Hillforts

Not far from Purtse village, you'll find a viking-era port and trading centre. Boasting two hillforts, a mediaeval castle, a memorial park of Soviet-era mass deportations, and an abandoned fish-canning factory, visiting Purtse is like walking through one thousand years of history!

Kiviõli Ash Hills

Prior to World War II, Estonia's oil shale industry was a critical and booming business, similar to the importance of contemporary Estonia's IT (Information Technology) business. Kiviõli is a result of that history. Founded in the early 1920s, these two hills are the highest man-made landforms in the Baltic, and a relic of a bygone era. Check Kiviõli Adventure Centre’s (link) for more info.

Lüganuse Church

First mentioned in 1373, the Lüganuse Church is located on the high bank of the Purtse River, and can be found boasting a unique round tower that has been the centre of the parish ever since. In the early 19th century, local pastor, Otto Wilhem Masing, invented the shape of the Estonian vowel, “Õ”. How many places in this world can claim to be the birthplace of a new letter in alphabet?!


Famous for its sunken roads that form a system of interconnected fjords, Aidu is yet another great reminder of the oil shale mining boom. The now-closed pit mine offers breathtaking views of what man can do with a shovel, and how, over time, nature can reclaim it all back. Check Aidu Watersport Centre’s website for more info.

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