The marina is open for business from May 1 to September 30.

59 ° 26'7 "N 26 ° 59'28" E

VHF Radio Call Sign: PURTSE

Purtse Marina is one of Estonia's newest sea gates. The port complex, which was completed in 2015 and complies with minor port regulations, was designed to welcome marine travelers from around the world. Purtse Yacht Harbor was awarded the title of Small Harbor of the Year by the Minister of Public Administration as part of the Maritime Culture Year 2016.

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Purtse Yacht Harbour

Navigation period of harbor is from 1st of May until 30th of September. During 2016, on a year that was dedicated to sea culture, Purtse Yacht Harbor got an acknowledgement from Minister of Public Administration and also a title of best small harbor in 2016.


A boat ramp and 18 boat berths, 10 of which are guest berths, are available at the port. Purtse Marina is part of the Estonian network of small ports and adheres to the small port service standard. The quays and the surrounding area are lighted and monitored electrically. Quays and piers were created to defend the port from waves, floating piers were placed, and the sea area and fairway were dredged (1 m) and marked with troughs. There is a blunder. Water and power are provided on the quay, safety equipment is available in the port, and the septic tank may be emptied.

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Access Guides

Access Guide
Along the Kõrkküla-Liimala road, access to the 137th kilometre of the Tallinn-Peterburi route (coming from Tallinn, turn left before the Purtse River bridge). On the Tallinn-St. Petersburg motorway, there are directional markers.

Guide from the sea
The entrance to the port of Purtse is located 272 meters northeast of the port (course 155). 109 meters from the start of the fairway, the fairway makes one direction change (course 147). Three pairs of masts mark the fairway, which is 8 meters wide.

VHF Radio Call Sign: PURTSE,
59 ° 26’7 “N 26 ° 59’28” E

Purtse Marina’s rules can be downloaded here.

Heigo Prits, the Tulivee complex’s founder and owner, holds the role of Harbor Master at Purtse Yacht Harbor.
+3725255268 sadam@tulivee.ee