Only a few minutes away from the Purtse Harbour, Tulivee holiday centre welcomes you to experience picturesque sea views, award-winning architecture and the captivating history of spirit bootlegging.

The beautiful Tulivee Villa is an ideal place for celebrating a special occasion. We’ve hosted some spectacular events, from romantic wedding ceremonies to corporate parties.


It is during the radical 1920s and 1930s when the young Republic of Estonia appears on the world map. In Finland, Prohibition is still in force. Northern Estonians in coastal villages create a new business sector in the newborn country’s economy despite the prohibitions: bootlegging – the Estonian version of Cosa Nostra. Illegal ‘firewater’ becomes the best-known and most dangerous export article in Northern Estonia.

We bring the emotions truly out

Have your heart set on a seaside celebration? The beachfront Tulivee Villa is surrounded by beautiful nature, away from fast-paced city life; The ideal oasis for weddings and special events! From a Springtime celebration to a Winter wonderland, we are here to plan a memorable event for you and the ones you hold dear!

tulivee in winter

Birth of Tulivee