Award winning architecture awaits you! Tulivee Villa has 9 bedrooms, each overlooking the picturesque Liimala beach. Accommodation is available for up to 45 guests.

The Tulivee Villa was built in 2019 and received the Wood Building of the Year award right away. The hotel, which is located on the seaside, has nine Seaview rooms, each of which tells a separate story about a spirit smuggling monarch of the time.

What if... The night gets long?

From warm summer nights to ice fields and northern lights, the Tulivee hotel provides a perfect oasis for relaxation all year long. Our modern architecture is merged with vibrant history, and our hotel offers suites with a sauna, family rooms, and also standard rooms. Additional campsite accommodation is available during the summer season.


For those planning on staying the night, either for a private romantic weekend getaway, or for an event, we have unique spirit-smuggling-themed rooms to offer in our Tulivee hotel.